Top 10 Detectives in Anime!

Top 10 Detectives in Anime!

From small puzzles to big whodunnits, people love a good mystery - and even better, a good detective! Anime is no exception, with a ton of Sherlock-esque characters out there to choose from. But just who in the history of anime deserves the title of best detective? This mystery is certainly no easy one to solve.

304 mystery-loving fans were tasked with choosing their favorite detective in an Anime!Anime! survey, so let's see which character made it to the top!

9. Hakuba Saguru, Magic Kaito
9. Katrielle Layton, Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy
8. Oreki Houtarou, Hyouka
6. Holmes, Sherlock Hound
6. Kindaichi Hajime, The Kindaichi Case Files
5. Sherlock Holmes, Fate/Grand Order
4. Hattori Heiji, Detective Conan

It seems that not one, but two Holmes have made it to the top 10 so far, even if one happens to be an unbelievably dapper corset-wearing Servant and the other a Benz-driving red fox! Who beat out all these detectives for the top 3, though?

3. Edogawa Ranpo, Bungou Stray Dogs

Coming in 3rd was Edogawa Ranpo of Bungou Stray Dogs. He took roughly 7% of the vote and is a member of the Armed Detective Comapny. He looks pretty green at first glance, but he’s ultra sharp and observant, making him a phenomenal detective.

2. Amuro Toru, Detective Conan

Taking an outstanding 19% of the vote is Amuro Toru of Detective Conan! It’s no surprise to see Detective Conan (and likewise Magic Kaito!) popping up on this list, and the mysterious Amuro Toru is certainly popular himself. He works as a private detective and is usually working at a coffee shop, but he’s a man of many faces who works secretly within multiple organizations. He was also a main character in the 2018 movie Zero the Enforcer and even got his own spinoff manga.

1. Edogawa Conan, Detective Conan

It should come as no surprise that 1st place goes to the most popular detective in anime history: Edogawa Conan of Detective Conan. Conan took 30% of the vote, and despite looking like an elementary school student, he is actually the brilliant high schooler Kudo Shinichi! He was turned into a child by the mysterious Black Organization and spends the series attempting to identify them and restore his body. Despite his titular manga debuting over 20 years ago, he still manages to solve mysteries as charmingly as ever!

What mysteries could be in store for these phenomenal detectives?

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!


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