Top 10 Maids in Anime!

Top 10 Maids in Anime!

There's no shortage of maids in anime, which makes it even harder to decide which one is your favorite! Whether you're still stuck between a few gorgeous maids or you're past the point of even thinking about it, it's always a good time to check out a handy ranking.

For this poll, Anime!Anime! gathered responses from 94 fans with 44% being male and 56% being female. Are you ready to see who made it to the top 10?

10. Komiya Chiyo, Shonen Maid
8. Tama, Gintama
8. Ram, Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World
5. Mey-Rin, Black Butler
5. Minalinsky (Minami Kotori), Love Live!
5. Maria, Hayate the Combat Butler

With popular characters Ram and Minalinsky unable to break through to the top 3, there's clearly quite a bit of competition! But now it's time to move on, first with a tie for 3rd place.

3. Tohru, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid / Ayuzawa Misaki, Maid Sama!

With 7% of the vote, both Tohru of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and Ayuzawa Misaki of Maid Sama! made it into 3rd place! When she's not working, Misaki is a high school student (plus student council president) while Tohru is a, well, dragon, they both have an infectiously cheerful attitude in their maid duties! To celebrate Misaki reaching 3rd, Fujiwara Hiro, the original creator of Maid Sama!, even posted an illustration of Misaki looking happy as always in her uniform.

2. Roberta, Black Lagoon

Coming in 2nd place with 10% of the vote is Roberta of Black Lagoon! Roberta is a powerhouse who served the Lovelace household for several years, but her true power lies in her strength and killer instincts, despite her charming appearance in original artist Hiroe Rei's Maid Day illustration!

1. Rem, Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World

Finally, coming in 1st with an incredible 22% of the vote is none other than Rem of Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World! It's no surprise to see Rem at the top as she's not only an adorable maid, but also a beloved waifu for fans all over the world! Just looking at this vibrant illustration that was Retweeted by original Re:Zero author Nagatsuki Tappei, it's easy to see how so many people could fall in love with her.

Did your favorite maid make it onto the list? Keep your eyes peeled for even more polls in the future!

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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