Who is Everyone's Favorite Little Sister?

Who is Everyone's Favorite Little Sister?

Little sisters are such an iconic part of modern anime that it’s hard to imagine life without them, so Anime!Anime! ran a survey to find out which little sister was the most popular! Let's find out just who made it to the top...

10. Doma Umaru ( Himouto! Umaru-chan )
9. Kosaka Kirino ( Oreimo )
8. Shiba Miyuki ( The Irregular at Magic High School )
7. Shiro ( No Game no Life )
6. Kirigaya Suguha ( Sword Art Online )
5. Yuuki Mikan ( To Love-ru )
4. Hirasawa Ui ( K-On! )

From tsundere Kosaka Kirino to the ideal sweet little sister Hirasawa Ui, there's quite a lot of variety already! But what kind of little sisters have made it to the top 3?

3. Rem, Re:Zero

Household maid Rem is just too cute as little sister to Ram! She's hardworking and dedicated to Subaru, plus that cute maid uniform probably earned her a ton of extra votes!

2. Izumi Sagiri, Eromanga Sensei

(C) Fushimi Tsukasa, Kadokawa, ASCII Media Works, EMP

Heroine of the series and little sister to aspiring light novelist Izumi Masamune, Saigiri is a hikkikomori who never leaves her room but turns out to be her brother’s secret collaborator known as “eromanga-sensei”.

1. Hikigaya Komachi, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Garnering 10% of the overall votes, Hikigaya Komachi is the cheerful younger sister of SNAFU’s Hachiman, and is well loved by fans thanks to her sisterly devotion!

So, did your little sister make the list? Let us know!

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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