[Male Fans' Choice] Top 10 Waifus and Husbandos in Summer 2017

[Male Fans' Choice] Top 10 Waifus and Husbandos in Summer 2017

Nearly 3,000 visitors were polled on Tokyo Otaku Mode for their favorite husbandos and waifus from the Summer 2017 season, and it’s time to share the results! Here are the top 10 results from men that were surveyed, beginning with places 10 through 4!

10. Kuro no Saber ( Fate/Apocrypha )

In 10th place is Kuro no Saber of Fate/Apocrypha, or Saber of Black! He’s a Servant of Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia in the Black Faction during the series, and with a title like “Dragon-Blooded Knight,” it’s no wonder fans can’t resist him!

9. Kuro no Rider ( Fate/Apocrypha )

Following up in 9th is the adorable and charming matching Kuro no Rider / Rider of Black! Rider has always been loved by the ladies, but it seems guys like him, as well! He has seen as many successes as he has failures during his life, so he’d surely make for a great partner.

8. Shinobu Oshino ( Owarimonogatari 2nd Season )

Shinobu (AKA Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade!) has made her way onto this list, as well! Her character has been developed a lot since her minor and silent role in Bakemonogatari, and fans have been helpless against the charm of the donut-loving vampire over the years, so seeing her on this list is anything but shocking~

7. Jabami Yumeko ( Kakegurui )

In 7th place is the haunting Jabami Yumeko of Kakegurui. Despite an otherwise kind and warm personality, she’s brilliant and cut-throat when it comes to her gambling addiction. No scheme goes over her head when others try to cheat against her, and her willingness to take them on and ability to come out on top despite their cheating makes her one phenomenal hero!

6. Yame Yukana ( Hajimete no Gal )

Hajimete no Gal’s stunning Yame Yukana took 6th place. While she rocks the gal look like no other, her dominant traits are her warm and loving personality and her devotion to her friends! She’d definitely make as great a wife as she does friend and girlfriend~

5. Tendou Karen ( Gamers! )

The video game club president Tendou Karen of Gamers! came out in 5th! She never ceases to entertain fans. Despite the awkward aloofness of Keita, she constantly puts herself out there, and what’s more? She can also be your player number two! ♥

4. Suzukaze Aoba ( New Game! 2 )

The darling character designer Suzukaze Aoba did pretty well coming in 4th after New Game! made its return for its 2nd season. Seeing her grow professionally as a designer and working alongside her hero has been a lot of fun, for sure!

We’re here for the best of the best, though, so it’s time to move onto the top 3!

3. Aka no Saber ( Fate/Apocrypha )

Taking 3rd place is none other than Aka no Saber of Fate/Apocrypha, or Saber of Red! Also known as Mordred, this powerhouse Saber-class Servant is impossible to look away from. Her mysterious and dark backstory paired with her intensity is unforgettable, and she leaves an impact on everyone who sees her. Her confidence may be a bit overwhelming, but with her skill, it’s definitely earned, so it’s no surprise she’s earned the hearts of fans all over~ (Plus, her armor is incredible!)

2. Takimoto Hifumi ( New Game! 2 )

Next up in 2nd place is Hifumi of New Game! 2, surpassing Aoba by 2 spots! Despite her quiet demeanor, she’s unbelievably adorable and kind, so even in the earlier season, she had won many viewers over. She’s definitely leveled up in New Game! 2, though, after her promotion to Character Team Leader, and her dedication to growing as a person is beyond admirable! Her place is well-earned on this list.

1. Ruler ( Fate/Apocrypha )

Taking the crown in 1st place on this list is Ruler of Fate/Apocrypha! This makes Joan of Arc the 4th character from this series to earn a spot on the men’s survey! Like a true warrior, Ruler is absolute in her convictions and a true hero. Her natural charisma makes you want to cheer her on and follow behind her, and that pure faith is a phenomenal quality in a partner!

Did your ideal candidate make the list? Here’s hoping the next season will be packed with a lot of great waifu/husbando material, as well~

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