Which Suit-Wearing Ikemen Will Top The Rankings?!

Which Suit-Wearing Ikemen Will Top The Rankings?!

Oh, suits… While they’re mostly associated with formal occasions, every once in awhile we get a character in an anime or manga that reminds us just how cool suits can be. (。♥‿♥。) A survey was held to pick the best suit wearers out there, and it’s time to count down the top ten! Will your favorite make the list? Let’s find out!

10. Kira Yoshikage - JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai ( JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable )
9. Shima Kosaku - Shima Kosaku Series
8. Kogoro Akechi - Trickster - Edogawa Ranpo ‘Shonen Tanteidan’ yori
7. Tuxedo Kamen - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
6. Golgo 13 (Duke Togo) - Golgo 13
5. Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji ( Black Butler )
4. Kaitou Kid - Magic Kaito, Meitantei Conan ( Detective Conan )

Oh man, even numbers ten through four were real nailbiters! (It was a given that we’d see Tuxedo Mask and Kaitou Kid on the list, though, right?) We’ve arrived at the best of the best, though. Here's the top three!

3. Lupin III - Lupin III

First up at number three is Lupin III of Lupin III. His casual-cool blue suit top and bright red tie are as memorable as he is~

2. Sanji - One Piece

Reigning in at number two is Sanji of One Piece! Everyone’s favorite chef keeps it classy with his crisp, black suit and blue dress top. Even on the sea and in the kitchen, Sanji’s not one for dressing down!

1. Jigen Daisuke - Lupin III

Taking the crown at number one is another Lupin III favorite, Jigen Daisuke. His suit is as timeless as he is, and Jigen practically personifies “cool,” so it’s pretty easy to understand why he came out on top.

Phew~ What an emotional rollercoaster! How’d you feel about the rankings? (Maybe upset that Spike of Cowboy Bebop didn’t make the top ten?) Let us know below~

Source: goo ranking

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