Eureka Seven is Back with an Entire Movie Trilogy!

Eureka Seven is Back with an Entire Movie Trilogy!

12 years from its TV debut, iconic mecha anime Eureka Seven has released a 51-second teaser video revealing that a movie trilogy is now in the works!

To be titled Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution, the trilogy is to feature German techno unit Hardfloor. In the trailer, their new song “Acperience 7” sets an upbeat atmosphere as we’re treated to some of the awesome mecha action that Eureka Seven always provides.

While specific release details are still yet to be revealed, the end of this first video simply states “2017 release”, so hopefully we’ll be getting many more epic reveals soon! In regards to the story, it looks like what will be adapted is that fateful incident, the “First Summer of Love”...

The movie's official Twitter has also posted visuals of Eureka, Anemone and Renton as posters for the three films, promising that the second and third installments will be released in 2018 and 2019.

Eureka Seven first began broadcasting in 2005 and ended in 2006, but remained as an iconic anime of the 2000s. With adaptations spanning all genres, its first film in 2009, Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers, notably started off small but went on to sweep the nation and earn more than 1 hundred million yen at the box office. The continued story, Eureka Seven AO, was then aired in 2012.

Just like the anime series, Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution will be directed by Kyouda Tomoki, with script by Satou Dai and character design by Yoshida Kenichi. With the original creators back together for this new trilogy, how can we not be excited for what's coming?!


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