Which Heroes Top the World of Anime?

Which Heroes Top the World of Anime?

From One Punch Man and Boku no Hero Academia to even Tiger & Bunny, superheroes have been an increasingly popular theme and character type in anime!

Everyone loves a good “who would win in a fight between…”-style battle between heroes, but the real question is this: Who is the best hero? A poll was held to answer that question with nearly 1,300 votes, and now it’s time to share the results!

10. Midoriya Izuku, Boku no Hero Academia
9. Bakugou Katsuki, Boku no Hero Academia
8. Eraserhead, Boku no Hero Academia
7. Origami Cyclone, Tiger & Bunny
6. Golden Ryan, Tiger & Bunny
5. All Might, Boku no Hero Academia
4. Sky High, Tiger & Bunny

Incredibly (or maybe not so incredibly?), the massively popular series Boku no Hero Academia and Tiger & Bunny absolutely dominated the top six, but who will come out on top as we enter the top three...!?!

3. Saitama, One-Punch Man

Everyone’s favorite bald hero stands confidently at third! As “average” as he claims to be, this lovable character shows the potential in even the most average person as he trains like crazy and becomes the most powerful hero alive!

In just one and a half years of 100 push-ups, sit-ups, and squats daily plus 10km of running, maybe you could be like him, too~ (Just prepare to lose your hair!)

2. Barnaby Brooks Jr., Tiger & Bunny

Taking second is yet another Tiger & Bunny favorite: Barnaby Brooks Jr.! This new hero relies more on strategy than strength, and he’s become extremely popular as the “King of Heroes.” He’s a testament to the fact that heroes are humans who can come in all shapes and sizes, relying just as much on his intelligence as he does his strength!

Now, though it’s time for what we all came here for: Who is the best hero?!

1. Wild Tiger of Tiger & Bunny

Wild Tiger (AKA Kotetsu T. Kaburagi) of Tiger & Bunny took first place, and is also the fifth Tiger & Bunny character appearing in the top ten list!

Known as the “Crusher for Justice,” this veteran hero cares little about collateral damage, wrecking areas around him in addition to villains! He prioritizes protecting civilians and serving justice over fame and recognition, making him a hero you can’t help but love and cheer for.

Incidentally, an earlier poll also put Tiger & Bunny at number one of hero anime that get fans the most pumped. If there’s one thing this top ten list reveals, it’s the amount of human-ness and softness of heart fans like in their heroes!

Adapted with permission from AnimeAnime

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