Okami HD Coming to Switch On Aug. 9!

Okami HD Coming to Switch On Aug. 9!

Capcom and Clover Studio's Okami is coming to Nintendo Switch in HD on Aug. 9!

First released in 2006, Okami is set in a world of traditional Japanese myths and legends illustrated in a distinct style inspired by sumi-e (ink wash painting). Players take on the role of sun goddess Amaterasu, who must journey across Japan to break the curse afflicting the country.

For the Nintendo Switch version, the game will be remastered and updated for 4K support. Players will also have the option of using touch controls in handheld mode and Joy-Con motion controls in TV and tabletop mode.

Okami HD is currently slated to release in Japan, North America, and Europe. For now, though, it seems as though only fans in Japan will have the option of getting their hands on a physical copy. While reports and details of a standard and limited edition have already been revealed, those in North America and Europe will be limited to ordering the game from the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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