New Game Starring Lazy Egg Gudetama Now Available Worldwide!

New Game Starring Lazy Egg Gudetama Now Available Worldwide!

Sanrio’s Gudetama is now the eternally unphased star of new mobile game Gudetama Tap!

Officially available worldwide for iOS and Android, Gudetama Tap! is perfect for both fans of the popular disgruntled egg creature and low effort entertainment. The core concept of the game revolves around utilizing your digital stove to whip up some tasty recipes, which grants you all sorts of different Gudetama - sometimes even a gross rotten one!

Once acquired, Gudetama can be relentlessly and ruthlessly tapped on screen so you can rack up points to learn more recipes to cook more lazy egg buddies. If you’re exceptionally lucky, you might even see him mumble a disheartened phrase to himself while you’re in the middle of poking! Players will find, however, that more than enough fun can be had in tapping him to see his little egg body jiggle hopelessly.

Gudetama Tap! has already expanded its features to include a friend function that’ll let you visit friends, subject their collection of Gudetama to twice the poking, gift them presents, and on so. They have also added the “AR Camera,” which allows you to take pictures with your Gudetama through augmented reality. Naturally, in-game purchases are available to help speed up your cooking times, snag strange ingredients, and more.

For more information, visit the official website.

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