Good Smile Racing Reveals Racing Miku 2018 Figma Design!

Good Smile Racing Reveals Racing Miku 2018 Figma Design!

After a whole year of waiting, Good Smile Racing has revealed the figma design for this year's Racing Miku!

Even lovelier than the previous year, Racing Miku will reach a modest height of 140 mm. The whimsical yet queenly design for this year was created by Kanzaki Hiro, who is known for his illustration and character designs in Oreimo and Eromanga Sensei. Racing Miku sports an ecstatic smile and can’t help but strike a cute pose with her golden staff, which features an elaborate design at the tip.

Golden accents can be found throughout, along with thick tufts of fur lining her clothes and hair bows, which gives the charming impression of her royal status! With an unforgettable appearance, she also stuns in a nice pair of thigh-high boots and a wing-like pair of coattails. Naturally, you'll also find familiar logos embedded in her design!

This figma beauty will release sometime in Oct. 2018 and is available through the Good Smile Racing website in tiered packages, which can be browsed here! The separate figma will also be available for preorder in May through the Goodsmile Online Shop.

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