Idolish 7 Announces Spin-off Series and Fan Event

Idolish 7 Announces Spin-off Series and Fan Event

We’ve been waiting for the Idolish 7 anime for a while now, but it turns out that’s not the only thing we can look forward to: The Idolish 7 Project just announced a spin-off series in the making along with an event!

Fukagawa Kazumi will be designing the characters for the spin-off series and the main cast will reprise their roles from the app. We also got a peek at the backs of the seven members in the teaser visual as they are about to step out onto the stage!

Titled “Idolish 7 Fan Thanksgiving Vol. 2”, the event is a follow-up to vol. 1, which was held on June 18. In addition to Shirai Yusuke and Yonaga Tsubasa, who also appeared last time, vol. 2 will also welcome KENN, Abe Atsushi, and Sato Takuya as guests. It will be held on Sep. 10 at Yokosuka Arts Theatre with advance raffle application open until July 9. Tickets will cost 6,500 yen (tax included) and will include a reserved seat and a special badge.

Idolish 7 is a smartphone game made by Bandai Namco with music by Lantis that started service in August 2015. As the manager of the group IDOLiSH7, it is your job to make these blooming idols rise to fame. The franchise will be celebrating its second anniversary this summer: Chapters 7 and 8 of Part 3 of the Main Story were just updated on June 19, and there are special projects in store at Namco Namja Town and Animate.

The premier date and other details are yet to be revealed, so keep an eye out for upcoming developments~

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Idolish 7 Announces Spin-off Series and Fan Event 1

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