Which Non-Pokémon Friend Should Ash Travel With Again?

Which Non-Pokémon Friend Should Ash Travel With Again?

The Pokémon anime began airing back in 1997 and has already celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, with its 20th movie having also premiered in Japan. Ash has made a lot of friends throughout the series’ long history, but which ones would Pokémon fans most like to see him team up with again? Check out the results below!

10. Iris
9. Bonnie
8. Tracey Sketchit
7. Cilan
6. Clemont
5. Dawn
4. May

Ash has travelled with so many great friends, but which of them have made to the top three?

3. Misty

Misty first met Ash when she fished him and his Pokémon out of a river and after Pikachu broke her bicycle, she committed to following the pair until they replaced it. Eventually they all became firm friends - though Misty finally got a new bike and went back to the Cerulean Gym.

2. Serena

A sweet and stylish girl, Serena eventually developed romantic feelings for Ash during their time travelling together.

1. Brock

And the winner is Brock! He took 70% of the votes overall, having been a firm fixture in the Pokémon world ever since his first appearance in episode five. Though the pair met as adversaries, Ash and Brock have since become best buddies, even if Brock is busy right now studying to become a Pokémon doctor.

While a lot of the Pokémon series focusses on the bond between Pokémon and Trainer, it's important to remember the amazing friendships that can be formed with human companions too! Did all of your favorites make it to the list?

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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