Japan's First Gunpla Center Opens in Odaiba This Summer!

Japan's First Gunpla Center Opens in Odaiba This Summer!

No matter how impressive your collection of Gunpla, you can't beat the selection that's coming to Tokyo's Odaiba. After all, the Gundam Base Tokyo is Japan's first store devoted to Gundam plastic models! The Gundam Base Tokyo opens this summer on the seventh floor of the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza mall in Tokyo Waterfront City ( Rinkai Fukutoshin Area ).

Gunpla is a portmanteau of "Gundam plastic model", and whether you're a fan of Mobile Suit Gundam or not, chances are that you've come across these extremely popular plastic models. Bandai first began selling Gunpla way back in July 1980, and over 459 million have been sold between then and March 2016, making Gunpla the most successful plastic model series in history!

With the intention of expanding the Gunpla business in Asia, South Korea got its first Gundam Base store in 2003, and the first Hong Kong store opened shortly afterwards in 2005. South Korea and Hong Kong now have a total of 11 stores between them, and with the 40th anniversary of the release of Gunpla models drawing near, it's finally time for Japan to get its very own Gundam Base store!

The Gundam Base Tokyo is set to have a lineup of around 2,000 Gunpla, which is more than any other store in the world! The store's theme is "Let's make Gunpla!", and it will be an information hub for Gunpla fans. It will feature a fashion corner, a workspace where customers can enjoy making Gunpla, and last but not least, an exhibition corner where over 1,500 Gunpla released from 1980 up to the present day will be on display!

Ever wondered what went into the creation of your Gunpla before you got your hands on them? Bandai Hobby Center is a Japanese factory that manufactures Gunpla, and at the Bandai Hobby Center booth you'll be able to learn all about the Gunpla production process through easy-to-understand explanations. There will also be a promotion space that will feature regular Gunpla events, so Gunpla fans can visit over and over again and discover something new every time!

DiverCity Tokyo is also home to Gundam Front Tokyo, where fans can immerse themselves in the world of Gundam. Gundam fans were saddened by the removal of the life-size RX-78-2 statue that proudly stood outside Gundam Front Tokyo until March 5, 2017, but it's not all bad news! A life-size statue of RX-0 Unicorn Gundam will be taking its place this fall, so pop by and pay a visit to DiverCity Tokyo's new gigantic mobile suit if you're in town!

Source: AnimeAnime

Japan's First Gunpla Center Opens in Odaiba This Summer! 1

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