March 9 is Miku Day!

March 9 is Miku Day!

March 9 is a very special day! In Japanese three is pronounced “mi” and nine “ku” but as three can also be pronounced “san” and nine “kyuu” (thank you), March 9 is the perfect day to pay tribute to the much loved Vocaloid singing star Hatsune Miku. We’ve brought together a selection of Miku artwork to demonstrate just how much Miku means to all of us. From figure photography to cosplay and digital art, here are some ways Miku has inspired fans worldwide.

Snow Miku: Twinkle Snow Ver. by reonov

Miku Nendoroid photographer reonov perfectly captured Miku’s frosty charms with this wintery scene which lives up to its Twinkly name!

snowmiku2014 by haru

Illustratrator Haru also went with a wintery theme for this Snow Miku illustration which captures her love of snow filled fun!

Afternoon Race by HunterX-v2 and Bellechan

Miku has been a racing mascot for some time now but she’s taking a well deserved break in this wonderfully realistic photo by HunterX-v2 and Bellechan.

Nendoroid Racing Miku 2014 Ver. by reonov

Racing Miku is rocketing into the future in this high speed photo from reonov!

SAKURA by mikipa

This cute illustration from mikipa gives Miku a cherry blossom makeover complete with pretty flowers in her hair!

Sakura Miku by reonov

Spring is the time for cherry blossoms and Nendoroid Miku seems to be enjoying them right now in this adorable photo from reonov.

Senbonzakura in Oedo Onsen Monogatari by Yuu Melancholy

Miku loves the onsen as much as anyone else as you can see in this Senbonzakura themed illustration!

Senbonzakura Miku II by Yuki Christy

Cosplayer Yuki Christy recreates Miku’s iconic look and surrounds herself with fallen cherry blossoms in this beautiful photo.

Yukata Miku by Nikki Jeevas

Of course Miku can do traditional too so look how she rocks a yukata in this cute double vision figure photo from Nikki Jeevas.

Rainy day by reonov

It rains even in Miku world, but that’s just a great excuse to use a traditional paper umbrella!

Hatsune Miku - World is Mine Version by Hazardous

Hazardous takes inspiration from Miku’s hit song for this striking poster-style illustration.

Miku - World is mine by HunterX-v2 and Bellechan

Miku already owns the world so she has every right to take a break by lying in a field of flowers!

Get ready to INTERCEPT!! by Kuri Curry

Miku is all about the revolution of sound in this high impact photo from Kuri Curry.

VOCALOID - NEGIMIKU by sin izumi

And finally, where would Miku be without her leeks? This beautiful cover style design would make a great opening for a leek-themed magazine for all you leek lovers out there!

March 9 may be Miku Day, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end at the stroke of midnight. You can keep on celebrating by checking out our full Miku gallery, or if you want some Miku to take home for yourself, just visit the TOM Shop!

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