Watch Psyduck Own The Dancefloor!

Watch Psyduck Own The Dancefloor!

If the Pokemon anime was any indication, Psyduck has always been a bit of a klutzy goofball. That’s what we love about the duck, sure, but the point remains, he’s just not coordinated.

However, that doesn’t keep this cutie from getting in on some fun Idolm@ster J-pop dancing! 3D modeler Masisi (Twitter: @HomeMasisi) created a model of Psyduck which has since been used in a variety of videos that are ridiculously adorable.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thoroughly impressed by Psyduck’s newfound coordination. We’ll leave you with one more video before taking off. Enjoy!~

Now someone just needs to make Psyduck dance to Gangnam Style...

Ready to be a star!

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