Snorlax (Cushion) Having Trouble Entering New Trainers' Homes

Snorlax (Cushion) Having Trouble Entering New Trainers' Homes

Out of all of the Pokémon you can think of, which would make the best cushion? If you can’t change their dimensions too much, then there aren’t many good ones. Pikachu is obviously out, any of the legendary birds would be pretty awful (does Zapdos really look like a good Pokémon to fly on?), and a few of the other obvious choices like Tauros and Mamoswine are good, sure, but they aren’t great.

Deep down, we all know there’s only one choice that stands out as perfect.


That squishy belly… that massive height… that lazy attitude that means he won’t want to get up and abandon you when you want to take a nap… There’s no better choice!

Premium Bandai realized this fact and opened pre-orders for a massive Snorlax plushie back in February and March. It was called the Zettai ni Okirarenai Kabigon Plushie, or the Definitely Won’t Get Up Snorlax Plushie. (Snorlax is Kabigon in Japan!) You can take a look at the page here! He’s around 59” or 150cm tall, 51” or 130cm across, and 24” or 60cm wide. Yes, he’s wonderfully massive, and he costed a whopping 52 thousand yen. (Close to $520 USD!)

These amazing cushions got shipped out on August 18, and we’re finally getting some awesome in-action photos of the lucky fans who got their hands on these!

The Zeittai ni Okirarenai Snorlax Cushion my oldest son bought for 52 thousand yen came. I’ve been messing around having him sit on the floor and calling him Totoro (even though he’s Snorlax). He’ll be sitting in the doorway until my son comes home.

My Snorlax Cushion came. We’re around the same height


It’s hard to appreciate the scale, though, so to get a better idea, check out the photos below!

I have today off, so I’m going out in the rain. Take care of the place, Snorlax.

My Zettai ni Okirarenai Snorlax Cushion came yesterday♡ He feels super fluffy and good♡※Bedtime. Thank you to the man from Yamato who helped deliver him, I’m so grateful you brought such a heavy item. The Capybara plushies are around 30cm for scale

Oh man, what we wouldn’t give for one of these! (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

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