These Shiba Inu are Cosplay Goals!

These Shiba Inu are Cosplay Goals!

We know what you’re thinking. These Shiba Inu are ridiculously cute. We agree. Trust us, though, when we say it’s about to get even better!

Shibamon Go! They’re Meowth and Squirtle this time.

These cuties go by the names H-chan and S-kun, and their owner Suzuki (@C_S0325 on Twitter) dresses them up in equally cute cosplay. Check out these examples below!

If only I could ride the Neko Bus at the Ghibli Museum. This Totoro-looking one looks like he’s thinking, ‘I want to ride it, too!’ There’s also a matching bus saying, ‘Call me the Dog Bus~ It’ll be 10 thousand yen to ride!’ What IS the Dog Bus? It’s super suspicious, but at 10 thousand yen, it’s probably alright haha

A witch and wizard are practicing magic in my house. A Harry-like one says, ‘Let’s practice magic.’ Hermione (?) responds, ‘I’ll show you how to turn Suzuki into a pumpkin.’ Huh? Ah, thank you for taking it off haha. I’m going to bed before I get eaten.

Can’t even ask ‘Where’s Waldo’.

We’re huge fans of Pokémon, though, and were especially excited to find some Pokémon ones to share with you! Enjoy a few of the cutest below~

Shibamon Go! They’re Eevee and Clefairy this time.

It seems like everyone’s swept up with catching Pokémon, so I’ve decided to show you our own Pikachu. S-Pikachu ended up looking a bit ferocious, and H-Pikachu has a lot of static when pet, so be careful if you try to capture them.

Shibamon Go! It’s Charmander today. (I had no time, so I was only able to draw one sheet.)

If you can’t get enough of these two, follow Suzuki on Twitter! In the meantime, here are a few collages of their best collages for you to enjoy!

It’s gone by so fast, but soon enough this year will be over. I’ve decided to collect all of the cosplays from the first half of the year. Pair Cosplays #1

Pair Cosplays #2

Pair Cosplays #3

Pair Cosplays #4

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