Cosplay Goals: Before and After

Cosplay Goals: Before and After

Looking for some inspiration to improve your cosplay skills? These veteran cosplayers are here to share how far they’ve come! Whether it’s new clothes and wigs or better makeup and poses, little changes go a long way, so let your senpai fans help you take your own skills to the next level!

Let’s start with an incredible cosplay of Christina (Sorry, Makise Kurisu!) from Steins;Gate and Hatsune Miku.

←First cosplay Now→
It’s been 3 years...😱😱😱

Yay!! My first real cosplay ↑↑ You can be anything with makeup and expressions ≡┗( o)┛≡┏( o)┓

Blown away already? Check out this other incredible Miku cosplay!

My first Miku cosplay was the racing one from 2011, but they aren’t on my iPhone ^; This was the next one, my old cosplay of Append. Comparing it to the “Tell Your World” one, I’ve improved my technique a lot, but the makeup has changed a lot, too!

Beyond just makeup, the expressions, angles, and the overall mood of your cosplay can change drastically over the years! Check out this cosplay of Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan. Doesn’t the second seem so different?

←2013 2015→
It’s changed a lot ( ˇωˇ )

If you’re doubting the importance of poses and expressions, though, consider this cosplay of Gin-san from Gintama!

I’ve had this [costume] for 5 years since I first did [the cosplay], but here’s Gin.
That second face is so smug it looks like it wants to punch the first one (rolls eyes)

It’s not just about the quality of materials or expressions and poses, either! The more you cosplay, the more confident you get. After an incredible 6 years of cosplaying experience since the picture on the left, our next cosplayer has some serious chops and it shows!

This is Hijikata from Gintama.
I had a picture taken 6 years later at the exact same place with the same clothes, sword, and pose. :)

They say people don’t change, but I really think they can!!!

Pumped up yet?! It’s amazing how much can change over a few years! Are you inspired to work on your own cosplay now?

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