Tokyo Ghoul Artist Draws Hunter x Hunter Manga

Tokyo Ghoul Artist Draws Hunter x Hunter Manga

With the return of the popular manga series Hunter x Hunter to Weekly Shounen Jump, a dream collaboration between author Togashi Yoshihiro and fellow Shueisha manga artist Ishida Sui was recently published.

Ishida Sui is best known for his manga Tokyo Ghoul and it was recently announced that not only did he sit down for an interview talk with Togashi, he also drew a whooping 69 pages of Hunter x Hunter manga telling the history of popular character Hisoka Morow.

Ishida himself is a huge fan of Hunter x Hunter

You can find the entire interview and all 69 pages of manga (though in Japanese) on Shounen Jump's special site. Even if you don't understand Japanese, that's some amazing art to gawk at!

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