Fairy Tail Creator Draws for Captain America: Civil War

Fairy Tail Creator Draws for Captain America: Civil War

With Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War opening in theaters in Japan on April 29, Fairy Tail creator Mashima Hiro drew an illustration of both Iron Man and Captain America fighting each other to celebrate the film’s release.

Previously, Marvel has collaborated with manga artist Murata Yusuke, creator of Eyeshield 21 and artist for One Punch Man, Big Hero 6 concept designer Koyama Shigeto, illustrator Terada Katsuya, and many other Japanese artists for their comicbooks. This time, Marvel invited Mashima Hiro, who is a big Avengers fan, to draw a piece for Captain America: Civil War.

When Marvel’s Vice President C.B. Cebulski saw the illustration of Iron Man shooting his laser from his hand and Captain America blocking it with his shield he commented, “The Iron Man and Captain America he drew is perfect. Thank you for the beautiful work.”

Mashima commented, “I was actually a fan before the films and of course I have watched all of them. When I received the offer I was surprised and excited that I get to draw Iron Man and Captain America. They are my favorite characters so there was a lot of pressure, but in order for the fans to enjoy my artwork I put in a lot of work to draw the two fight each other.”

The illustration that Mashima drew will be handed out in theaters as a poster with the pamphlets given out. At the end of May, T-shirts featuring this work will be on sale at the PONEYCOMB SHIBUYA 109 Men’s store and the PONEYCOMB online shop.

(c)2016 Marvel.

Source: animeanime
*Adapted by Sean E.*

Fairy Tail Creator Draws for Captain America: Civil War 1

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