Japan's Bouncy Cheesecakes are Love at First Sight

Japan's Bouncy Cheesecakes are Love at First Sight

Rikuro Ojisan is a famous bakery chain based in Osaka best known for their light, bouncy cheesecakes that have long been popular among the gourmet hunters to the Land of the Sun. Recently, they've been all the rage again as videos and GIFs go viral on social media showing these cheesecakes in their glorious bouncy goodness.

Each of the Rikuro Ojisan cheesecakes can be yours at 675 yen (~US$6) and are branded with the face of Uncle Rikuro. Made with the finest cream cheese, eggs, milk and raisins, these desserts are simple and heavenly.

Their main store in Namba, Osaka can be found at
Namba 3-2-28, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan 542-0076 
If you're travelling, you can also find convenient branches at the JR Tennoji Station and JR Shin-Osaka Station.
Hours: 9:30~21:30

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