[AMV Punch!] - Breaking the Mold

[AMV Punch!] - Breaking the Mold

There are generally three main styles for creating an AMV: one which often focuses on a song and finds video clips to match it; one that will tell a unique story; or one that celebrates an anime. Let’s forgo the traditional “music video” style of AMVs and take a look at some of the more creative and unique ideas to take the form of an AMV.

Anime101 – Vivifx

Gather up your friends, it’s time for anime class. Anime 101 is where you will learn about the how-to’s of anime through a convenient AMV. Vivifx created a knowledgable video showcasing the genres of anime and the many character archetypes frequently used. Filled with a few quirky inside jokes from popular shows and even a mathematical equation for “moe”. Vivifx crammed as many easter eggs as possible and the end result is both entertaining and informative for everyone.

F.Y.C - DN@

This particular amv is about DN@ attempting to make an amv, with Mako from Kill la Kill trying to convince the editor to make a romcom instead, when he really doesn’t want to. F.Y.C shows the process and methods DN@ uses for editing his videos with Mako being tossed about in this mini-narrative that blends the anime and real world together for a mishmash mis-adventure that sheds light on the editing and creative processes editors go through.

Ship Happens - Vivifx

Do you know what “shipping” is? Now that you’ve watched this video you should have a pretty good idea as to what it means to ship two characters together. Vivifx creates an incredibly comical and informative AMV showing off the various notions of the shipping fandom; and what better way to do so than having Haruhi and Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya as your hosts. The whole notion of Haruhi presenting some of the craziest “crack ships” towards Kyon pairs perfectly with her character and it makes a lot of sense considering that she is (spoiler alert!) god.

Anime’s Got Talent - AMVLuna, JazzsVids, ReplayStudios

Who is anime’s most talented act? AMVLuna, JazzsVids, and ReplayStudios have scouted the finest acts from around the the world to find our main contestants for Anime’s Got Talent!. The editors took a unique approach to AMV making and excelled at gathering fan favourite characters and memorable moments from across so many different anime series’ to bring a spinoff adaption of popular talent shows. Plenty of effects and editing techniques were utilized to blend so many shows together and seamlessly tell a story showing the talent competition, judging, fan voting call numbers, and even a twist surprise ending mimicking a real talent show.

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