A Small Scene with Big Hearts from Doraemon Touches the Japanese Audience

A Small Scene with Big Hearts from Doraemon Touches the Japanese Audience

Doraemon is one of the most popular animation series in Japan popular with children and adults alike. The series would often work in the little bits of daily life in Japan that are closest to heart. Earthquakes have shaken the Land of the Sun often, and in this short added scene from a Doraemon movie, we see the Nobi family's strong bond and love.

The particular scene came from the movie "Doraemon: Nobita's News Adventure into the Magical Planet" in which an earthquake shook up the dining table at the Nobi's during breakfast. Nobita's parents Nobisuke and Tamako pulled Nobita and Doraemon under the table and used their own bodies to protect them.

This scene resonated with Japanese Twitter users who commented that the biggest takeaway here is "The Nobi parents love Doraemon and treasure him as much as they do Nobita."

Doraemon has become one of the Nobi children!

It has also been said that in a previous movie of the franchise when Doraemon seemed envious that other children had parents, Nobita's mother Tamako reassured him that "Doraemon is my child!".

The earthquake scene was only a short, minor cut from a movie, but it definitely showed the beautiful family love among the Doraemon characters. It is no wonder that Doraemon remains one of the best-loved and most iconic franchises in Japan and around the world.

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