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Today I’m going to be taking a look at…

Erina Nakiri!!♥︎

From the anime series ‘Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma’ comes a long-awaited scale figure of “God’s Tongue” Erina Nakiri! The figure is based on the reaction scene to Erina’s Eggs Benedict during the breakfast buffet challenge of Toutsuki Culinary Academy’s ‘Hell Training Camp’.Erina is posed seated on a carefully detailed throne wearing a very noble looking outfit, as she looks ahead with complete confidence. Her soft skin and alluring pose are sure to make fans fall into servility! A special base made in the image of the scene is also included to bring out the atmosphere even more. An optional translucent hand part is also included to pose her foot being held up just as in the series. Be sure to display her up high and swear your service to the noble Erina!

Oooooohhh!! (´□`。)

The Toutsuki Culinary Academy High School 1st year said to become the greatest masterpiece since the founding of the academy – the “God’s Tongue” Erina Nakiri as a 1/8th scale figure!! ♥︎

Some of you may have already seen her little feature in the Weekly Shounen JUMP magazine that went on sale today!! ♪

Her beautiful long blond hair and stunning eyes, not to mention those incredible curves…

Also note the amount of detail put into each of the creases and frills of her dress!!

If I didn’t know better I would almost be certain that the outfit was made from fabric! Also take note of the little details such as the area around her belly button, or the intricate fingers wearing long gloves!! (●´ω`●)

Plus if the beautiful figure itself wasn’t enough, just look around her…

She sits upon a magnificent throne worthy of only the most noble! This is of course because her cooking will cause anyone to fall into servility! The pose and the throne give her such a powerful aura!! Even from the back the details on the throne are gorgeous!

The figure captures that line between the petty commoners and the elite Erina so beautifully!

Those red and gold colors match each other so nicely!! The base also comes with a special base to place the throne upon in order to have Erina ‘looking down’ on all those below her!! It’s perfect!! ♪

The appearance of the cushion on the throne makes it would look so soft and comfy to sit on!! Note the buttons on the back to give an even more noble appearance! A throne fit for a queen! (*´Д`)=з

The figure is based on the reaction scene to Erina’s Eggs Benedict during the breakfast buffet challenge of Toutsuki Culinary Academy’s ‘Hell Training Camp’!! Eating her delicious meal caused the diner to wish to swear servitude to her more than anything else! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

In order to recreate that image even further, a transparent hand part is also included to hold her foot up!

My placing this part on the bottom of her shoe…

You can just imagine someone swearing loyalty with a kiss to the foot!

Nothing is more convincing than a kiss to the foot to declare your fealty to the beauty that is Erina Nakiri!

△ I quite recommend looking up to her from a lower angle!

A confident smile, relaxed pose, not to mention a rather revealing outfit…

…and yet she still looks so very dignified!!

Be sure to display her up high and declare your servility as you enjoy her endless charm!!

The 1/8th scale…
**Erina Nakiri!**

She is now up for preorder!
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