New Link Figures Unveiled at NYCC 2015

New Link Figures Unveiled at NYCC 2015

This year`s New York Comic-Con is bigger and better than ever. Endless crowds of otaku from far and wide have gathered for the latest crazes to hit the nerd pop ecosystem.

And so, once more, the Hero of Time has taken up Master Sword and Hylian shield to meet with his fans!

But wait, he`s not quite ready yet! GoodSmile Company couldn`t resist unveiling two new never-before-seen prototypes of Link figures.

The first is a monumental Link statue from the game Skyward Sword. Coming in at around 9 or 10 inches tall, this Link represents a tale that delves into the origins of many aspects of the Zelda lore, including the beginnings of the Master Sword.

The second figure of Link on display is a new entry for the popular figma line of ultra poseable figures. This Link comes from the most recently released Legend of Zelda title, A Link Between Worlds. An indirect sequel to a Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds utilizes gameplay where Link becomes a drawing to traverse dungeon walls in a way he has never done before.

Pre-orders are slated for some time in 2016.. Be sure to follow Tokyo Otaku Mode to find out the soonest they will be available!

New Link Figures Unveiled at NYCC 2015 1
New Link Figures Unveiled at NYCC 2015 2

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