An Art Book of That Good-Looking Character is Coming Out!!

Kaworu Nagisa Photo Book set to release April 10; enjoy 64 full-color pages of the cool guy

An art book focusing solely on the young boy who enjoyed immense popularity in the Evangelion series will come out this spring. On April 10, Kadokawa will release Kaworu 2015 - Kaworu Nagisa Photo Book.

Kaworu Nagisa, one of many popular characters from the Evangelion series, enjoys particularly high support as a mysterious being. Various enterprises in a variety of areas have utilized the character, such as the Kaworu Nagisa and Shinji Ikari-themed fashion brand, Radio Eva Duo, formed in November 2014.

This time, illustrations of Kaworu Nagisa have been gathered into an art book. From images of him wearing a plugsuit to everyday clothes, this volume reveals the many different expressions of Kaworu Nagisa. And so, readers can enjoy and understand their favorite character more in depth.

This publication selected illustrations of Kaworu Nagisa from an 8-year period, starting from 2007 to now. Fans will be pleased to know that Kaworu’s entrance scene in the film Rebuild of Evangelion has been selected to be featured in the art book. What’s more, the publication will not just be limited to illustrations—it also endeavors to introduce Kaworu Nagisa-related products.

The cover for this book will feature an illustration by popular animator Akemi Hayashi. Also, fans can enjoy the cover illustration in large size, thanks to a bonus B2-size poster included with the art book.

*Kaworu 2015 - Kaworu Nagisa Photo Book* will feature 64 full-color pages in an A4-size format, and the price will be 1,200 yen (not including tax). For a limited number of pre-orders, if you purchase a book through the Evangelion Store, Web Kadokawa, or Amazon, you will also receive a Kaworu cinema card. This card is a limited item that features Kaworu Nagisa from the film Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo.

Kaworu 2015 - Kaworu Nagisa Photo Book
Price: 1,200 yen + tax
Specifications: A4 size, full color, 64 pages
Bonus: B2-size Kaworu Nagisa poster
Publisher: Kadokawa
Editor: Kadokawa Shoten

Source: animeanime

An Art Book of That Good-Looking Character is Coming Out!! 1
An Art Book of That Good-Looking Character is Coming Out!! 2
An Art Book of That Good-Looking Character is Coming Out!! 3

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