Interview with Illustrator Mikeou

Interview with Illustrator Mikeou

Mikeou, a female illustrator whose fanbase continues to grow with her moe artwork, has been very active as a professional illustrator. Not only does she create illustrations for games, magazines, and light novels, she also leads PINK CHUCHU, a doujin circle. Today, we asked Mikeou about her latest project, the ita-curtains.

––Is there anything special you want to point out about this artwork that’s being used for curtains?
I wanted people to use this as a life-size poster, so I designed a scene with two sisters standing by a window. Seeing the windows within the picture after you close the curtains creates a unique experience that I hope people will enjoy.

Light from the other side of the window from the curtains’ illustration

––How long did it take to make this?
Since the product size is really big, it took more than double the amount of time it normally takes to draw an illustration. This was also my first time drawing such a large-scale illustration, so it was pretty tough.

––What part did you struggle with? Also, was there anything you paid special attention to, since this was going to be used on curtains?
My computer wasn’t a high-end computer, so it was slow to use and took a lot of time. Now that I have a computer with better specs, it’s a bit easier to work on.

Mikeou’s workspace

––Have you seen the actual curtains? What are your thoughts on the final product?
I’ve used fabric to create artwork before, but making curtains was a first so it was really interesting! I’d love to pick a design that I like, or come up with an original one and make my own curtains, but my house only uses blinds. It’s really too bad, but I don’t have a single place to hang up curtains!

––Please tell us about any of your works you want to expand on in the future.
I’m currently in the middle of working on “Hyakugojyunenme no Maho Tsukai (150th year of Magic)”, a doujin game that will be out in the spring of 2015, so my goal would be to focus on completing that. Afterwards, I’d like to take on a lot of different challenges again.

The ita-curtains that Mikeou created!

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