Anime “Ninja Slayer From Animation” Production Report, The Second!

Hi there! This is K, in charge of animations here at KADOKAWA. My apologies once again for having to cut the report short last time due to time constraints. This week we pay a visit to TRIGGER, and dive right into a report of the latest developments from the office! If this is not as exciting as you had hoped, please bear with me.

At a certain place, on a certain day, we finally make our arrival at the TRIGGER office! As you all know, Studio TRIGGER is known for producing high quality, action-packed animations, so we can safely say that TRIGGER x Ninja Slayer is conceivably the best combo!

Let’s enter the office!
It’s so exciting to be in the middle of where all the production is actually happening!
We should be careful not to get in anyone’s way… But wait, what’s this?
Glancing over at the production staff’s desk…

Ooh! “From Animation,” it says!

And on this desk too, “From Animation”!
It really imparts the sense that Ninja Slayer is using the strength of various people in order to tread the path to becoming animated.

What overwhelming power he commands…

Well then, this must be the meeting room… 301.
This must be where legends are born! And indeed, the door is heavy.
But with the group of us, we were able to open it.

Over there sits the animation script… Wow, that ninja is in there too!

Oops, it looks like we’ve run out of time again!
We will pick up again next week, so please look forward to the next update!

P.S. If you’re thinking, “I’m not satisfied with just this!” or, “There weren’t enough ninjas!”, right this way please:


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