Anime “Ninja Slayer From Animation” Production Report, The First!

Hey there, nice to meet you! I’m K, responsible for animations here at KADOKAWA. These production reports will bring you the latest scoop on all the behind-the-scenes action and battles being fought at the frontlines of production, as well as exclusive, first-hand information.

First and foremost, for those of you who have no clue what “Ninja Slayer” is, let’s start off with a brief introduction.

Ninja Slayer is, well…him.

The setting is Neo Saitama, and it’s the Grim Reaper of Revenge, Ninja Slayer, versus the ninjas.

…and as long as you know that much, you won’t have any trouble enjoying the show.

“But why did he become the Ninja Slayer? Why is he throwing himself into battles against ninjas? I have to know right now!!” If this is your reaction, feel free to read the ongoing story here:

“But I don’t like using the Internet!” “I like things on paper!” “I want to read the manga!” If any of these are your reactions, right this way please:

We’d like to do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Now then, the introduction got a little long, but let’s dive right into the report!
…or so I’d like to say, but it looks like our time is up. My apologies!

In next week’s update, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the latest developments from the frontlines of production, so we humbly implore your forgiveness this time.

One last thing!
TRIGGER’s logo is so cool!
Well then, we’ll be counting on you for next time’s report, TRIGGER.


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