What is the “Manga Fundoshi Project”?

No matter how many years pass or what new age begins, there are some items that are timeless. In Japan in particular, people have a strong attachment to traditional items that have been used since ancient times, as well as a strong tendency to love the past in this way. Now, one item has surfaced that blends a traditional item with a current fad. That item is the collaborative Manga Fundoshi.

A fundoshi is a type of underwear that has been used in Japan since ancient times. It has an apron-like cloth that hides your “delicate area” and a string that wraps around your waist. One type of fundoshi you may be familiar with is the loincloth that sumo wrestlers wear. A new project has begun to produce collaborative fundoshi with manga designs.

Manga Fundoshi come with a design of the characteristic manga sound effect “Boom!” The Manga Fundoshi come in two types: a Japanese version and an American comics version. However, the one that will actually be produced depends on demand. Currently, the project is raising funds on the cloud funding site Campfire. Investments start at 500 yen. Those who invest 3,900 yen or more will receive a fundoshi. Right now, there are no plans for these to be sold on the general market, so if you want one, why not consider investing?

“Manga Fundoshi Project” Campfire Site:
http://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/598 (Japanese)

http://nlab.itmedia.co.jp/nl/articles/1303/15/news130.html (Japanese)

What is the “Manga Fundoshi Project”? 1
What is the “Manga Fundoshi Project”? 2

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