Tokyo Manga Lab, an Otaku News Site Run by Japanese College Students, Opens

On Feb. 24, 2013, a news site named Tokyo Manga Lab was born. In accordance with its name, the site features manga-related news. However, what makes the site unique is who is running it. Students from 36 manga societies of universities throughout Japan collaborate on and manage the site. They distribute the latest information with the intention of becoming pros.

The students who manage the site will also be posting interview articles with pro manga artists. For those who are aspiring to be manga artists, these interviews are sure to contain deeply interesting information. Some of their upcoming interviews include Tomoko Ninomiya, author of Nodame Cantabile, and Ume Aoki, author of Hidamari Sketch. Fans definitely won’t want to miss these interviews!

Fifty works from the students participating in the manga societies have been made public and can be read on Tokyo Manga Lab. Fans anticipate the site to also be updated with even more interviews in the future.

Tokyo Manga Lab aims at sharing their work and creating an interactive community.

Tokyo Manga Lab Official Site: (Japanese)

Source: (Japanese)

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