My shipment says "shipping method unavailable". What does this mean?

Due to Japan Post reducing the number of available shipping methods during COVID-19, some shipping methods are unavailable to certain countries. If we cannot ship your items to you with the currently selected method, you will see this message on your shipment. For pre-order items, this isn't too much to worry about as your shipping method may return before your pre-order is released. If your items are in-stock items, or at one time were pre-orders but are now released, we will send a shipping survey to you to ask if you'd like to switch to any other available methods.

This email will be sent from the same address that our "Shop" emails are sent to. If you're currently unsubscribed we recommend going to your email settings in your user profile and temporarily subscribing to Shop emails.

For a full list of available shipping methods, please check out the following FAQ: Available Shipping Methods From Our Japan Warehouse During COVID-19