[Sailor Moon] Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Book w/ Exclusive Pretty Guardians Member Bonus

Official 20th anniversary book with special bonus item!

[Sailor Moon] Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Book w/ Exclusive Pretty Guardians Member Bonus 1
[Sailor Moon] Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Book w/ Exclusive Pretty Guardians Member Bonus 2
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©Naoko Takeuchi

Product Name: [Sailor Moon] Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Book w/ Exclusive Pretty Guardians Member Bonus

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Publisher/Distribution: Kodansha.,Ltd
Book Size: A4
Number of Pages: 160 (full color)
Language: Japanese
Bonus: IC card sticker

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The Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Book (published by Kodansha), announced during the June 30 fanclub event “Tsukino Usagi & Chibi-Usa Birthday Commemoration Event,” has finally released!

This official Anniversary book is packed full of content, featuring an introduction to the Sailor Moon Exhibition held in Roppongi, Tokyo earlier this year, the complete catalog of 20th anniversary commemorative goods, rare interviews with creators involved with Sailor Moon, and information about the recent anime series and musical!

The cover is graced by the 10 Sailor Soldiers, and was originally illustrated especially for the Sailor Moon Exhibition by Naoko Takeuchi herself! See for yourself this amazing commemorative volume dedicated to all those who love Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon!

Also included is a special bonus item limited to 2016-2017 Pretty Guardians fan club members too, so don’t miss it!

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Memories of the exhibit

Was very lucky to get to the Sailor Moon Exhibit in Tokyo but when I was there I was thinking I really wanted book of the exhibit so was glad that this came out not only with the exhibit photos and information but also a general 20th anniversary recap

Ultimate fan book

This is one of the best fan items. It has lists and pictures from the Sailor Moon exhibit that was held in Roppongi Hills, collectibles from the 90s and today, and so much information about the manga/anime.

27 Jan. 2017
Very Nice

This anniversary book is a good collection of information from the 90's to now about Sailor Moon. I'm really enjoying going through it even though I can't read Japanese haha.

Sailor Moon 20th Book is awesome

This book is awesome! So many pages of pictures of all the 20th anniversary products. Also came with the an exclusive sticker. A wonderful book I will treasure always!

22 Jan. 2017
Great for Sailor Moon fans!

Love this book - beautiful illustrations, great information. The book is solid and a great product. I love this product and all of the information it has on the history of Sailor Moon

A Must Have for Sailor Moon Fans

This book was made beautifully! It has info on the manga, anime, and all the merchandise in Sailor Moon's history. We also get info on the Seramyu cast--past and present. There's info and tons of pictures of the Sailor Moon Roppongi exhibit in Tokyo last year in April. This purchase is so worth it.

Thanks so much!

The 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon guide booklet w/ bonus gift just arrived in today's mail! I love it! Thanks so much!

good job !!

My First Time : the first time i order in TOM because of the Sailor Moon Fan Club and i don't regret it i took the book
Packaging ; i was surprised about the parcel size and when i opened it all it was very well wrapped and protected
the book : the book is in very well condition
ans thanks for the stickers and the folder

There's no such thing as too many Sailor Moon books

Sailor Moon has been my thing since ever. I spent years searching for the artbooks and when TOM gave me the chance to buy this anniversary book, I just couldn't miss it. It has a bit of everything related to the Sailor Moon universe (merchandise, books, musicals, etc). I especially love the section about the Roppongi Hills exhibition (I was lucky enough to be in Japan and visit the exhibition and looking at the pictures in the book, I cried tears of happiness as I remembered all the joy that overwhelmed me while I was there).
Although the book is in Japanese and I don't speak or read Japanese, I still love looking at all the photos.
If you're a true Sailor Moon fan (or...
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Was worth the buy

Although in Japanese, this book has a ton of information about new and old Sailor moon that blew my mind. Including sites to buy merch at (though they are all JP sites).