Pretty Guardians Membership + Bonus Make-Up Lip Gloss

Memberships open for a limited time only!

Pretty Guardians Membership + Bonus Make-Up Lip Gloss 1
Pretty Guardians Membership + Bonus Make-Up Lip Gloss 2
Pretty Guardians Membership + Bonus Make-Up Lip Gloss 3
Pretty Guardians Membership + Bonus Make-Up Lip Gloss 4
Pretty Guardians Membership + Bonus Make-Up Lip Gloss 5
Pretty Guardians Membership + Bonus Make-Up Lip Gloss 6
Pretty Guardians Membership + Bonus Make-Up Lip Gloss 7
Pretty Guardians Membership + Bonus Make-Up Lip Gloss 8

・ A portion of the services may not be available to overseas members.

・ This is not a lifetime membership. The fan club membership is valid until June 30, 2017.

・ The periodic Sailor Moon newspapers offered to members during the membership period will be in digital format.

・ TOM Points cannot be used to purchase fan club memberships or fan club exclusive merchandise.

・ Purchasers will be required to pay any and all customs fees incurred by fan club purchases.

・Returns, exchanges, and refunds cannot be provided for merchandise unless defective.

・ In order for SKIYAKI Inc. to prepare your membership card, we will need to share with them your name, address, and email address. Making a purchase means you consent to having this information shared with our counterparts running the Japanese site. Of course, your information will not be used for any other purpose except for officially creating your membership.

Please visit this page to view all terms and limitations.

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Product Name: Pretty Guardians Membership + Bonus Make-Up Lip Gloss

Please review the Note section below before placing an order.

Your membership grants you access to the official Japanese fan club site!
Fan club member registrations are carried out by SKIYAKI Inc., the operators of the Japanese side of the fan club. Upon purchasing your membership, you will receive a registration email from within 3 weeks. After you’ve received the registration email, click here and set a password to access and use the official Japanese fan club site!


  • Official Sailor Moon Fan Club membership card and membership perks (see below)
  • Pretty Guardians Limited Make-Up Lip Gloss (exclusive fan club product!)

English PDF Instructions to set your password for access to the Japanese fanclub site here

Available only until November 4, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. (PDT) while supplies last!

“Moon Prism Power, Make Up!”

Become a member of the Official Sailor Moon Fan Club, Pretty Guardians, and receive your membership card and bonus Pretty Guardians Limited Make-Up Lip Gloss themed after the Transformation Brooch!

As longtime Sailor Moon fans are sure to know, the Transformation Brooch is the first magical object Usagi Tsukino ever received. It was given to her by Luna in the very first episode of the anime. Even if it wasn’t Usagi’s strongest brooch, it likely was one of her most important ones, having changed her life forever!

This purchase will grant you membership into the Official Sailor Moon Fan Club, Pretty Guardians 2016-17, and membership perks including a periodic Sailor Moon newspaper (digital), the ability to purchase future exclusive fan club merchandise, and access to exclusive content on the Japanese Sailor Moon app.

Click here to learn more about everything you'll get with a Pretty Guardians membership!

Only a limited number of memberships to the overseas version of Pretty Guardians 2016-17 are available, so purchase your membership soon!

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12 Oct. 2017
Pretty Guardians Membership

Beautiful membership card and great lip gloss container. Definitely worth the price.

07 Oct. 2017

It ws soooooo pretty and adorable.
I love sailor moon
I'm very proud of being pretty guardians member....

Moon Prism Power!

The membership is definitely worth it especially if you're a sailor moon fan!!! Can't wait for the next one!!


I'm so glad the fan club is available here. The lipgloss is amazing, and my favorite brooch! The only downside is that not everything available in the Japanese FC is available here. I hope that changes for the new year!

Love it !


Welcome to the Moonie club!

I really really REALLY enjoy the lip gloss gift that they included.
I was actually really happy to realize that it was the 1st transformation brooch: I've been collecting the latest Proplica and was bummed they hadn't released anything of that sort, so the lip gloss was just perfect.
Regarding the fanclub itself, I really didn't buy anything from the exclusive shop for fans. I was actually bummed that some of the few things I did want were Japan only members. Oh well, they often do it like that. It's not a surprise.
In overall, I would recommend it ONLY if you really are a fan and are willing to spend the cash on merchandise, or at least you really want that ...
Read moreClose


Everything was perfect! The locket was amazing quality and felt very weighted. I am glad we are able to now be part of the club!

Pretty Guardians

love the item look greet i recoment itt to any sailor moon fan

18 Jun. 2017[Edited]

I am soooooo glad that I am able to join the fan club!! I have been a Sailor Moon fan since I was young and I was so excited to get the opportunity to get exclusive access to the fan club merchandise! The lip gloss was amazing too! I had heard about how well made it was but I wasn't expecting it to be that well made. It's so heavy in my hands, but the design is beyond beautiful.

17 Jun. 2017
Sailor Moon Fan Club

I love that I can be apart of a Sailor Moon fan club. I the card and the bonus lip gloss are awesome and i love to carry it around with me!!! I just wish it lasted longer

17 Jun. 2017[Edited]
Sailor Moon Fan Club - card and exclusive limited make up lip gloss

I'm so happy that my item arrived! Thanks a lot! The package was perfectly safety.

Great but...

I wish there had been more items in the exclusive store to choose from. That's my only complaint. The lip gloss was very high quality and I love it. I keep it in my hand bag and get a lot of comments when I take it out to use.

<3 Sailor Moon

I love the quality of the Bonus Make-up lip gloss ^^

I absolutely could not be happier with my purchase!

I am a member of the Japanese fan club but without an address in Japan, I would be unable to receive all of the awesome benefits... so glad that this company teamed up to provide this to fans outside Japan! Very happy with my purchase. Everything arrived in good condition and I couldn't be happier! I already renewed as well. Thank you!!!

10 Jun. 2017
Really great deal

It's amazing to be able to access one of kind Sailor Moon merchandise through the membership for overseas for the Sailor Moon fan club will be renewing next year

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