Frog Backpack

by Shin'

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Product Details
38 x 23 x 13 cm
14.9 x 9.06 x 5.12 in
Load Capacity: approx. 2 kg
Avoid keeping folded as the wrinkles will be permanent. Do not iron.
Avoid extended exposure to high temperatures as it might deform the fabric.

This amazingly realistic frog backpack was designed by TOM Special Creator Shin’, who is known for her audacious cosplays and self-made clothing. It is relatively small and has a lower weight capacity, which means that rather than outdoor tours, it is more fit for city wear, allowing you to carry your most essential belongings with style. As the designer herself said, it was made as a fashion item, so be careful not to pack it too heavy, fold it, iron it, or expose it to extended high temperatures. It is sure to get you many appreciative looks for its bold style!

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