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Based on a mystery light novel series written by Rin Fujiki and illustrated by Thores Shibamoto, Vatican Miracle Examiner is an upcoming anime series that follows Joseph and Robert, two priests sent by the organization Seito no Za (Assembly of Saints, Seat of Saints) to investigate miraculous occurrences all over the world. Their missions include Maria statues and stigmata appearing on a believer, and it is the priests’ job to determine whether the claims are true. Is it the guidance of God or the whispers of Satan that await them on their path?

The novel series began in December 2007 and has since been released in 13 volumes (15 including the reprints of the first two). Vatican Miracle Examiner also has two manga adaptations, one by Kaneda Eiji that ran from 2012 to 2014 and a newer manga by Hino Anjue that started serialization in 2016.


Hiraga Josef Ko (CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto)

A young priest from Japan who is a devout Catholic and a genius scientist. He joined the Examiners to look for miracles that cannot be proven through science. He has no life skills whatsoever.

Robert Nicholas (CV: Junichi Suwabe)

A young priest from Italy and the partner of Joseph, Robert is an expert in ancient documents and cryptanalysis. He is used to the ways of the world and is also good at housework, unlike Joseph.

Archbishop Saul (CV: Masashi Ebara)

The superior of Joseph and Robert, Archbishop Saul is a supportive and pious person. He is also one of the few who has experienced exorcism in his lifetime and is looked upon as a hero.

Lauren Di Luca (CV: Soma Saito)

A a mysterious genius and a friend of Joseph’s, Lauren is employed at the Vatican Intelligence where he gathers information, keeps in touch with Joseph, and supplies them with equipment.

Bill Suskins (CV: Hiroki Yasumoto)

An FBI Investigator who met Joseph and Robert during a case and occasionally cooperates with them. As a devoted Catholic, he holds the miracle examiners in great respect.

Priest Julia (CV: Koji Yusa)

A young priest with an angelic face who is widely respected because of his saint-like behavior, such as helping the poor in Africa. Even Joseph is moved by his devotion.

Ryota Hiraga (CV: Tsubasa Yonaga)

Joseph’s younger brother who is currently under medical care in Germany.

The 12-episode series is set to premiere on July 7 on WOWOW and July 14 on Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, TV Aichi, Sun Television, BS11, and TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting.

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