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Playable online as well as on iOS and Android, Fate/Grand Order is an online free-to-play role-playing game using turn-based combat and reboot of the Fate/Apocrypha project by Type-Moon that has since gone on to be adapted into a movie by the studio Lay-duce. As the name implies, this series is a part of Type-Moon’s massive Fate/stay franchise which encompassing anime, manga, light novels, video games, and more with titles including Fate/stay night, Fate/Zero, and Fate/Extra.

This game was first released by Aniplex for Android on July 30, 2015, and for the iOS on August 12, 2015. English versions were also released in the United States on June 25, 2017.

The player takes on the role of “Master,” a person with the ability to summon and command powerful “Servants” to battle against opponents, and the game plays out as a visual novel. Each Servant has a different story for the user to play through.

Fate/Grand Order

Set in the same year as the game’s release (2015), humanity has reached the last era in which sorcery still exists. The Chaldea Security Organization is founded to prevent mankind’s extinction by excising Holy Grails used to sustain Singularities that distort history. Quests to protect mankind are called the Quest for the Holy Grail or Grand Order, “the name for those who would rise up against human history for the sake of humans, and fight fight itself.” The Chaldea Security Organization utilizes Rayshift (a technology used for time travel) to project souls in the past to correct history and fix the Singularities for the sake of this mission.

The user plays Fujimaru Ritsuka (voiced by Shimazaki Nobunaga), a “Master” candidate who takes on the mission of going back in time to excise the Holy Grails by using Servants. These Servants are collected through Summoning using either Saint Quartz summoning or Friend Point summoning. The Servants can then be leveled up by sacrificing other Servants or Experience Cards through “Servant Reinforcement” under Synthesis. These Servants battle for you as you make your way through the game’s story which includes seven chapters and stages in human history.

There are 13 different Servant classes in Fate/Grand Order including Shielder, Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, Berserker, Ruler, Avenger, Moon Cancer, Alter Ego, and Beast. Each class has specific relationships to other classes including advantages and weaknesses, such as Sabers doing double damage to and taking half damage from Lancers. There are different curves at which Servants level up, as well, including Linear, S, Reverse S, Semi S, and Semi Reverse S. Servants can also possess humans or fuse with them to become a Demi-Servant, and humans can also become a receptacle to facilitate summoning by becoming a Pseudo-Servant.

This release was developed by Delightworks and Type-Moon, and Shiokawa Yosuke and Iwakami Atsuhiro worked on it as director and producer respectively. In addition to featuring art by more than 40 illustrators, a number of talented voice talent were brought on for it, as well, including Shimazaki Nobunaga ( Free!, Fate/zero, Eromanga-sensei ), Sakamoto Maaya ( Death Note, Black Butler, Monogatari series), and Risa Taneda ( Your Lie in April, Food Wars, The Devil is a Part-Timer! ).


  • Fujimaru Ritsuka: Shimazaki Nobunaga
  • Mash Kyrielight: Taneda Risa
  • Fou: Kawasumi Ayako
  • Olgamally Animusphere: Toyoguchi Megumi
  • Romani Archaman: Suzumura Kenichi
  • Leonardo da Vinci: Sakamoto Maaya
  • Lev Lainur Flaurosv: Sugita Tomokazu
  • Arturia Pendragon: Kawasumi Ayako
  • Emiya: Suwabe Junichi
  • Joan of Arc: Sakamoto Maaya
  • Elizabeth Bathory: Ookubo Rumi
  • Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus: Tange Sakura
  • Cú Chulainn: Canna Nobutoshi
  • William Shakespeare: Inada Tetsu
  • Hans Christian Andersen: Koyasu Takehito
  • Lancelot: Okiayu Ryoutarou
  • Mordred: Sawashiro Miyuki
  • Merlin: Sakurai Takahiro
  • Old Man of the Mountain: Nakata Jouji
  • Nitocris: Tanaka Minami


  • Developer: Delightworks, Type-Moon
  • Publisher: Aniplex
  • Director: Shiokawa Yosuke
  • Producer: Iwakami Atsuhiro
  • Illustrators: AKIRA, Akira Ishida, Arco Wada, B-suke, BLACK, BUNBUN, Chinatsu Kurahana, Daisuke Moriyama, danciao, Ginka, Higashiguchi Chuuou, Hiroshi Hiroyama, Hirotaka Maeda, huke, I-IV, Katsuya Terada, Keikenchi, Keitaro Takahashi, Kisai Takayama, KN, Kotetsu Yamanaka, Koyama Hirokazu, Left, Mata, Matsuryu, Mineji Sakamoto, Nakahara, Namaniku ATK, okojo, Ototsugu Konoe, pako, PFALZ, Raita Honjou, Rei Hiroe, Rin Kususaga, Rui Komatsuzaki, Ryota-H, Seijin Takenoko, Shidzuki Morii, Shima Drill, Shimaudon, Shimokoshi, Shinjirou, Shirabi, Shirow Miwa, Shounen Sasaki, Sumiei, Taiki, Takao Aotsuki, Takeuchi Takashi, Task Ohna, Tenkuu Sphere, Yuuki Yugo
  • Writers: Gen Urobuchi, Georgios, Hikaru Sakurai, Jin Haganeya, Jinroku Myougaya, Keikenchi, Kinoko Nasu, Meteo Hoshizora, Shoji Gatoh, Yuuichirou Higashide

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