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OtapediaNana Maru San Batsu (AKA 7O3X Fastest Finger First)

General Information

7O3X Fastest Finger First is the anime adaption of the popular manga, Nana Maru San Batsu by Iqura Sugimoto.


Shiki Koshiyama is a bookish high school student who finds himself accidentally entered into the Bunzo High School New Student Fast Finger Quiz Championship. Shy and introverted, the last thing Shiki wants is the attention of taking part in a public quiz, especially as fellow student Fukami Mari seems to have the knack of answering even before they’ve finished reading the question out.

However, Shiki soon discovers a way to figure out the answers and gets more into the quiz world, eventually coming into contact with the quiz’ main rival Mikuriya Chisato. Fully embracing the highs and lows of quiz life, Shiki sets his sights on becoming the ultimate quiz master!

The original Nana Maru San Batsu has been running in Young Ace since 2010. The anime adaptation will span 12 episodes and premieres on NTV in July 2017.

  • Opening theme: Mrs. Green Apples “On My MiND”
  • Ending theme: Baby Raids Japan "◯◯◯◯◯."


    Koshiyama Shiki (CV: Horie Shun):

    Shiki is a shy and introverted high school student who loves reading but becomes embroiled in the quiz world after meeting Sasajima Gakujo and Fukami Mari. His special subjects are reading and history.

    Fukami Mari (CV: Kawashima Umika):

    Fukami Mari is a first year high school student and friend of Shiki who has a lot of experience in the quiz world and excels in the quickfire round. Outside of quizzes she’s a little clueless.

    Inoue Daisuke (CV: Hatanaka Tasuku):

    Inoue Daisuke is a first year high school student who joins the quiz club because he has a crush on Fukami Mari and hopes to get close to her. He has no quiz experience but does has vast knowledge of otaku subjects.

    Sasajima Gakuto (CV: Sato Takuya):

    Sasajima Gakuto is a second year transfer student and the leader of the quiz club.

    Sasajima Jinko (CV: Matsuda Satsumi):

    Sasajima Jinko is a first year high school student and self proclaimed expert of the Kyoto dialect. Her specialist subject is electronics and she’s even made her own quiz button.

    Mikuriya Chisato (CV: Ishikawa Kaito):

    Mikuriya Chisato is the quiz club’s main rival and a first year student at a nearby school. He is blunt and unpopular but a skilled quiz player. His specialist subject is science.

    Ashiya Yosuke (CV: Hatano Wataru):

    Ashiya Yosuke is a third year student and head of the quiz club at a rival school. Calm and level headed he is a good example to the younger students.

    Niina Takumi (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa):

    Third year student Niina Takumi is the head of the quiz club at a rival school. Gentle and caring, Takumi is a big brother figure and everyone is always a little more excited as soon as he picks up the mike.

    Kouzuki Yuki (CV: M.A.O):

    A friend of Fukami Mari’s from middle school who’s been going to quizzes with her ever since.

    Sonohara Chiaki (CV: Sakura Ayane):

    Sonohara Chiaki is the head of the quiz club at a rival school and a third year high school student. From her behavior and way of speaking you can tell she comes from an upperclass family.

    Kunimitsu Okura (CV: Maeno Tomoaki):

    The head of a quiz club at a rival school, Kunimitsu Okura is a well built, dignified sort of person but has his spontaneous sides too.


  • Koshiyama Shiki - Horie Shun
  • Mari Fukami - Kawashima Umika
  • Inoue Daisuke - Hatanaka Tasuku
  • Sasajima Gakuto - Sato Takuya
  • Sasajima Jinko - Matsuda Satsumi
  • Mikuriya Chisato - Ishikawa Kaito
  • Ashiya Yosuke - Hatano Wataru
  • Niina Takumi - Suzuki Tatsuhisa
  • Kouzuki Yuki - M.A.O
  • Sonohara Chiaki - Sakura Ayane
  • Kunimitsu Okura - Maeno Tomoaki

    Creative Team:

  • Original manga: Iqura Sugimoto
  • Director: Masaki Ozora
  • Series Composition: Kakihara Yuuko
  • Character Design: Takahoko Makoto
  • Music: Hyakkouku Hajime
  • Sound Director: Watanabe JunArt Director: Ohnishi Yutaka
  • Colorist: Suzuki Eri
  • Director of Photography: Kamahara Yuko
  • Editor: Tsubone Kentaro
  • Animation Production: TMS Entertainment

Air dates:
From July 4, 2017 at 1.59am on NTV as part of the AnichU programming block.

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