Fate/Grand Order Launches Fate/Apocrypha Anime Campaign

Fate/Grand Order Launches Fate/Apocrypha Anime Campaign

The popular smartphone game spin-off to the Fate franchise, Fate/Grand Order, will be running a special celebratory campaign to mark the broadcast of the Fate/Apocrypha TV anime which has just been released worldwide via Netflix.

During the campaign, which runs from Nov. 8 - 22, users will be able to “summon” some of the characters from the anime beginning with Amakusa Shiro as well as some others which have not yet been seen in the game. Other characters set to appear include Mordred (Saber), Karna (Lancer of Red), Jack the Ripper (Assassin of Black), Vlad III (Lancer of Black), Jeanne d’Arc (Ruler), and Astolfo (Rider of Black).

Fate/Grand Order is a free-to-play smartphone game developed by TYPE-MOON. Since its release in Japan in July 2015 it has been downloaded over 9 million times, and has also been released in a number of other countries, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the US.

Players of Fate/Grand Order can summon powerful allies or Heroic Spirits whom are based on real historical figures such as King Arthur, William Shakespeare, Hercules, and Joan of Arc. The game takes players back through history to embark on an epic quest known as the Grand Order.

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

Fate/Grand Order Launches Fate/Apocrypha Anime Campaign 1

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