A Certain Magical Index Back With Third Season!

A Certain Magical Index Back With Third Season!

A third anime season for Kamachi Kazuma's light novel series A Certain Magical Index has been announced!

In a world of supernatural powers gained both at birth and through science, student Kamijou Touma has the mysterious ability of negating other abilities. While studying at the technologically advanced Academy City, he meets Index, who is being hunted down for the forbidden magical books implanted in her very mind.

Written by Kamachi Kazuma and illustrated by Haimura Kiyotaka, the light novel series was a huge success, also spawning a manga series, as well as TV and theatrical anime adaptations. A side story manga titled A Certain Scientific Railgun also began serialization in Dec. 2013.

Although news on the broadcast and other details are still scarce, the show's official Twitter has promised that the anime is just the first part of "A Certain Project" for 2018. It's exciting to have a lot more A Certain Magical Index to look forward to!

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