Zodiac Signs Anime Juni Taisen Unveils Key Visual!

Zodiac Signs Anime Juni Taisen Unveils Key Visual!

Juni Taisen, a TV anime premiering on Oct. 3, revealed a key visual featuring all 12 warriors on Sep. 12 to go with the title!

Based on the 2015 light novel written by Nisio Isin ( Monogatari series) and illustrated by mangaka Nakamura Hikaru ( Arakawa Under the Bridge ), Juni Taisen depicts the battle of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs who fight to have their one wish fulfilled.

The official site was renewed along with the horoscope function. Write your birth year, month, and name to see which character/sign you are and what the future holds for you!

In addition, a manga adaptation by Akatsuki Akira will launch on Sep. 23. Are you as excited for this series as we are?

(C) Nisio Isin, Nakamura Hikaru / Shueisha, Juni Taisen Production Committee

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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