Osomatsu-san Season 2 Main Visual Released!

Osomatsu-san Season 2 Main Visual Released!

The main visual for season 2 of the Osomatsu-san anime has finally been released, and some broadcast information has come out, as well!

Osomatsu-san is based on the original manga Osomatsu-kun by Akatsuka Fujio, and it features the 6 brothers grown up as NEETs. Season 1 aired in Oct. 2015 through March, and more than 120,000 copies of volume 1 of its DVD release were shipped. It was such a hit that it was also nominated for the 2016 Ryukougo Taishou awards, which gathers trending words of the year!

The newly released main visual features well-known characters waiting at the Matsuno family home. The teaser visual showed them returning to Earth from space, and luckily it seems there was no issue with the parachute!

A number of side characters appear in addition to the brothers, as well, including Iyami, Chibita, Totoko, Dekapan, and Dayon. If Dayon’s cloud appearance and Dekapan flying next to a dinosaur are any indications, it’s going to be another crazy season! It’ll begin airing in October, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Osomatsu-san Season 2
Broadcast Information:
TV Tokyo: Mondays from Oct. 2 at 1:35 AM
TV Osaka: Tuesdays from Oct. 3 at 2:05 AM
TV Aichi: Mondays from Oct. 2 at 1:35 AM
BS Japan: Saturdays from Oct. 7 at 12:30 AM
AT-X: Wednesdays from Oct. 4 at 10:30 PM

(c) Akatsuka Fujio / Osomatsu-san Production Committee

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

Osomatsu-san Season 2 Main Visual Released! 1

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