Special Interview with Love Live! Sunshine!!'s Aina Suzuki!

Special Interview with Love Live! Sunshine!!'s Aina Suzuki!

Tokyo Otaku Mode interview with Aina Suzuki (CV of Mari Ohara)

All 9 members of Love Live! Sunshine!!'s adorable school idol group Aqours will be performing at Anime Expo 2017 for the Anisong World Matsuri on June 30! With Love Live! Sunshine!! having gained countless fans through various popular apps, events and CDs, it's no surprise that their first overseas performance is highly anticipated.

But how are the Aqours girls handling this gigantic leap over to America? We sat down for an exclusive chat with Aina Suzuki, the voice behind Mari Ohara, about her character's ties to the US and what to look forward to for the upcoming event!

Q: Mari was elected as the America’s image girl for Love Live! Sunshine!! world image girl election. Can you share a message to US fans?

A: Mari has a very deep connection to America, so I'm thrilled that she got chosen!! Mari must be super happy as well ♪ I'll continue to do my best along with Mari make everyone in America feel brighter and shinier feelings, so we thank you for your continued support ♪

Q: This is your first time coming to Anime Expo. What do you look forward to the most for this year’s Anime Expo?

A: This will actually be my first time in America, so just having the opportunity to go there is so exciting. But I'm also an anime fan, so I'm looking forward to seeing all of the anime displays so much that I just can't wait! But in the end, what I'm most excited about is being able to meet everyone over in America ♪

Q: This time Aqours will perform for concert Anisong World Matsuri. Which part of the performance should the fans be looking forward to?

A: For Aqours, it has to be our bright smiles!
From the very start to the very finish, our smiles will be on full blast ♪
I'll also do my best to express Mari's own cuteness!

Q: This is the first time the full members of Aqours are visiting the US. Are there any place you’d like to visit, or anything you’d like to do with all members together?

A: I want to visit a whole bunch of places for sightseeing!
Also, I'd love to try some lobster or steak with everyone!!

Q: What is your favorite Aqours song, and why?

A: I love them all so it's tough to choose, but I guess it would be "Mattete Ai no Uta". It's one of the tracks on our 2nd single, and there are quite a few Aquors members who have "ai" (pronounced the same as "love") in their names so singing this song makes me want to send even more of our "ai" to all our fans out there ♪

There may still be some time to go before Aqours' Anime Expo performance, but until then, you can get your fix of Love Live! Sunshine!! right below!

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Special Interview with Love Live! Sunshine!!'s Aina Suzuki! 1
Special Interview with Love Live! Sunshine!!'s Aina Suzuki! 2

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