ReLIFE Chosen as Best Shonen Manga of 2016!

ReLIFE Chosen as Best Shonen Manga of 2016!

ReLIFE was chosen as the best shonen manga of 2016 at Mangawa, a French award for Japanese manga, on Apr. 1!

Organized yearly by the French book store L’ange Bleu since 2005, Mangawa is an award that aims to introduce quality manga to junior and senior high school students. Mangawa has three categories: Shonen manga, shoujo manga, and seinen manga. The best Japanese manga of the year are chosen through ballots, which are collected through schools and local libraries. 11,000 students voted for the 2016 awards.

ReLIFE started its run in 2013 in the app “comico” and has six volumes up to date. It was picked up by AC Media in May 2016 and is available in French up until vol. 4. The series also received an anime adaptation as well as a live action movie that just released on Apr. 15.

The story follows Kaizaki Arata, who gets a second chance at his youth after taking an experimental medicine that makes him 10 years younger for the span of a year. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t yet!

(c)Yayoiso / comico

Source: AnimeAnime

ReLIFE Chosen as Best Shonen Manga of 2016! 1

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