Your Anime Favorites Are Getting Salty!

Your Anime Favorites Are Getting Salty!

Salt has been sprinkling all over Twitter with these Salt Bae memes, and it looks like the most popular anime baes have been joining in on the fun~ Prepare yourself for some salty goodness!

Gintoki’s face is hilarious (and adorable) here!

Not sure who will be saltier… people who think Senjogahara isn’t the best lady of Monogatari, or those that do. This one is fantastic regardless!

Ichimatsu of Osomatsu-san isn’t just sprinkling a bit of salt… He’s DUMPING salt on the person below!

The cast of the Fate series is joining, too, including Matou Sakura…

...Emiya Shirou…

... and Pharaoh!

Shokudaikiri Mitsutada of Touken Ranbu looks so handsome surrounded by sparkles~

Kaiki Deshuu is more of a coffee man, though, so naturally he’d switch it up!

The amount of detail in this one featuring Kaban of Kemono Friends sets it apart!

Even the sweet and silly Kirimi-chan is getting in on the action..!

Yuri of Tales of Vesperia is joining, too! I’m kind of worried about who he’s salting, though…

Last but not least is a handsome Kaito keeping you safe from all of the salt from above!

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