See Your Favorite 2D Darlings Enjoying Valentine's Day!

See Your Favorite 2D Darlings Enjoying Valentine's Day!

Today is Valentine’s Day, so the 3D world may be busy celebrating relationships and romance and all that jazz, but we have something more important - adorable fanart of all of your 2D darlings! So grab your dakimakura, plushie or even a beloved figure (but be careful with those parts!), get comfortable, and take a look at what this year’s day of love has to offer.

Yuri and Victor ♡ Need we say more?!

There's no reason that Yuri P. should miss out on the fun, though!

Nico and Maki wish you a Valentine's Day full of love~

NEETs may not be an ideal gift, but these two are wrapped up so nicely!

This spot of sake may not look particularly Valentines-y, but that's just how these Touken Danshi roll!

Back to being ultra into Valentine's Day! Satou Shin may be an idol, but is it really fair for anyone to look this adorable?!

As another idol, Kurusu Shou definitely isn't going to go down without a fight!

Wishing you an inky Valentine’s Day~ くコ:彡

Who will Anzu and Mai’s Valentine’s chocolates go to this year?

“I made it~! My very own chocolate cake ♡” Kan Colle’s Kamikaze is just too cute in this state of half-pride and half-embarrassment!

Ryoma is supremely confident not just in tennis, but also when it comes to receiving better chocolates than all of his senpai...

“It’s for Akehoshi senpai♪”

All this cute art has increased the love for our 2D boyfriends and girlfriends even more, if that's humanly possible! We hope that you've enjoyed this year's Valentine's Day fun too ♡

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