Fall in Love with this Unique Selection of Valentine's Treats from Japan!

Fall in Love with this Unique Selection of Valentine's Treats from Japan!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to figure out how to make it special for that certain someone! Whether it’s a significant other or a close friend, Valentine’s Day is a great day for expressing love. Chocolate is the quintessential treat given on that day, but it doesn’t have to be a typical and boring gift. Admire some of these unique Valentine’s Day chocolates below!

These cute chocolates feature illustrations of birds!

If that certain someone is a cat lover, they’d probably freak to get these cute choco-cats and meowshmallows! (Could you really eat them though?!)

Is that certain someone out of this world? Or maybe they just admire the beauty of space? These lollipops feature some gorgeous colors to capture a bit of our solar system.

Speaking of space, these ones are meant to seem like you mined them on another planet! Aren’t they gorgeous?

These temari ball chocolates are so beautiful and elegant, they don’t even look like chocolate anymore!

These ones are beautifully boxed up and feature some stunning illustrations on them!

These chocolates are individually wrapped to easily hand out to friends, and they’re wrapped to look like money for some added charm.

Shin Godzilla came out not too long ago, and these chocolates give you a chance to enjoy that historic kaiju in a new (and yummier) way!

If you want something stylish to enjoy alongside your Valentine, this beautiful chocolate setup might give you some inspiration.

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Did you get some good ideas (or maybe just a craving for some yummy chocolate)? We certainly did, but it’d probably take more than a couple of weeks to get the skills of these chocolatiers… Whatever your plans are, though, have a fun Valentine’s Day!

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