TV Anime Frame Arms Girl Airs Apr. 4!

TV Anime Frame Arms Girl Airs Apr. 4!

Frame Arms Girl, a series of plastic models from Kotobukiya, is being adapted into an anime airing on Apr. 4. There was an advanced showing of the first episode on Mar. 9 during which both the opening and ending themes and additional voice actors were announced!

The ending theme is being sung by the “FA Girls”, a unit made up of Gorai (CV: Kaho Narumi), Stylet (CV: Ayase Yu), and Baselard (CV: Nagae Rika). The song is called “FULLSCRATCH LOVE” and it’ll go on sale on May 24 in both a limited edition and regular version. The limited edition release also comes with a Frame Arms Girl acrylic key chain.

■ Themes
Opening Theme: “Tiny Tiny”
Artist: Murakawa Rie
Lyrics: Sakai Ryuji
Composition・Arrangement: Kousaki Satoru
Artist: FA Girls
Lyrics: Mieno Hitomi
Composition・Arrangement: Hirokawa Keiichi

■ Ending Theme CD Sale Details
On Sale May 24
TV Anime Frame Arms Girl Ending Theme “FULLSCRACH LOVE”
Artist: FA Girls
【Limited Edition First Print】COCC-17300 2,200 yen+tax (※ Comes with a Frame Arms Girl Acrylic Keychain)
【Standard Edition】COCC-17301 1,300 yen+tax

■ Cast
Gennai Ao: Hikasa Yoko
Gorai: Kaho Narumi
Stylet: Ayase Yu
Baselard: Nagae Rika
Materia Sisters: Yamazaki Erii
Jinrai: Kabayama Minami
Architect: Yamamura Hibiku
Hresvelgr: Abe Rika

■ New Character
●Hresvelgr: Abe Rika
A silly and energetic Frame Arms Girl. She’s straightforward and loves battling, especially against Gorai.

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