Kimi no na wa. American Release and English Soundrack Announced

Kimi no na wa. American Release and English Soundrack Announced

It's been about half a year since its release, and Shinkai Makoto's Kimi no Na wa. has made a huge name for itself! It's gaining a number of domestic and international awards, achieving an unbelievable ¥23,200 million at the box office, and simply winning the hearts of countless audience members with its gorgeous art style and touching story.

Kimi no Na wa.'s meteoric rise to the top hasn't stopped there, though! Toho Media has announced that Kimi no Na wa. will also be released in North America as your name. via Funimation Entertainment on Apr. 7, 2017!

Another great piece of news for English speakers is that RADWIMPS, the artist behind the Kimi no Na wa. theme songs, has also created English versions that will be featured in screenings at selected theaters. The English soundtrack will be available in digital and physical form as "Your name. deluxe edition / Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” from Jan. 27 and Mar. 10, respectively, in all regions worldwide except for Japan. For a taste of what it'll be like, take a look at the English edition of "Zenzenzense", one of the four theme songs!

In regards to Kimi no Na wa. being released in English, Director Shinkai Makoto commented, "Melody and lyrics must be something inseparable for RADWIMPS. For all that, I cannot respect and thank them enough for making these wonderful English versions to entertain international audiences. In your name., songs, lines and the story are in complete harmony. Lyrics represent characters’ cry of the heart. I hope these alternative versions will lead the audience to a better understanding of the world of your name."

Funimation Entertainment founder and CEO Fukunaga Gen is also optimistic for the North American release. "It’s truly a joy to be part of a film like your name. that has surprised everyone’s expectations and quickly captivated the hearts and attention of audiences and films critics alike. I have always believed that a touching and beautifully told story can mesmerize mainstream audiences regardless of a film’s genre. your name. is the perfect example of this and will be one that journalists will point to for years to come."

If you're an English speaker in Japan and you're feeling a little left out, no worries! You'll have the chance to watch Kimi no Na wa. with English subtitles and all four English songs in selected theaters in Japan from Jan. 28. For more information, head over to its official homepage!

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