Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Movie Releases Kaneki Ken Teaser Visual

Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Movie Releases Kaneki Ken Teaser Visual

Slated for a summer 2017 release in Japan, the live-action Tokyo Ghoul film is another in a long list of recent adaption announcements. Nevertheless, the recent Kaneki Ken visual has inevitably provoked fans' interest and revealed a number of exciting details.

This live-action film will be released as Tokyo Ghoul, as seen in this first glimpse at the title. The crystal-like sparkle of the logo was created with a certain image in mind: how animal cells shine when magnified, expressing the beauty and preciousness of life.

This visual of Kubota Masataka as half-ghoul Kaneki Ken reveals his sheer determination to face off the powerful enemies standing in his way. And as for his iconic mask, CHRISTIAN DADA designer Morikawa Masanori clearly rose to the occasion.

Morikawa commented, "Personally, I'm a fan of the original work so I'm very grateful to have received an opportunity like this. For the mask and costumes used in the movie, the director and I started with images from the original work and expanded them into versions original to the movie. I'd be very happy if Tokyo Ghoul fans like them too."

Director Hagiwara Kentaro also revealed his confidence in the finished mask. "It's really cool. Morikawa absolutely refused to compromise on the details, like that subtle three-dimensionality. And with Kubota wearing the mask, it all looks even cooler. I would really love for everyone to come see it on screen."

The actual mask used in filming will be on display at Jump Festa 2017 (Dec. 17 and 18). It's sure to be a hugely popular spot as attendees will also be permitted to take photos. And if that wasn't enough, there'll be an event screening exclusive footage on stage.

Tokyo Ghoul
In theatres nationwide (Japan) in summer 2017
(C) 2017 Tokyo Ghoul Production Committee

Source: AnimeAnime

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